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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ben John

Wednesday the 4th of November.
Showers sometime heavy forecast today.
There's a walk recce happening today.The start should be 10 am at Cairn Holy.
Well that's what i thought anyway.Fact of the matter was they were starting from Kirkdale Bridge.
The clouds were gathering over Wigtown Bay and Carrick shore.
I decided to have a walk myself when no one turned up.I bumped into a farmer feeding cattle who asked if i was with the walkers down at the bridge.
Realising they'd be well out of reach,i went back to the car and headed for Skyreburn.
I parked up at Lagganmullan with the idea of climbing Mill Knock from there.Walked over a field of sheep,and after looking over the drystane dyke at the thick heather and steep descent i had second thoughts.

Back at the car i moved up to Whiteside bridge.After waiting for a heavy shower to pass over(producing a beautiful rainbow),i began to ascend the gap between Mill Knock and Ben John.
A steady clockwise climb got me up to the summit of Ben John.The showers were becoming more frequent now.Don't ask me why i didn't get my waterproof top out.I probably thought i'd be heading straight back down to my car.
I hung about getting wetter for a few minutes,and was just about to start my descent when i heard movement below me.It was the recce group of three walkers emerging from the sheltered side of Ben John where they'd had lunch.
They persuaded me to continue the rest of the recce with them.Descending into the gap,we then followed a drystane dyke up Mill Knock.Brilliant views here between the showers.
Working our way round Mill Knock,we're looking for a landmark of a stone triangle.It's not on any map,so it's possibly a recent farmers initiative or just an arty field clearance.Once spotted in front of a conifer plantation,we began a careful descent down a steep overgrown and sometimes slippy slope.
Upon arriving at the stone triangle another rainbow appeared.We're on tarmac for the short walk to the A75...
...passing this opulent residence at Skyreburn Mill.
A lift back to my car and i enjoyed the company of the ladies for toasted teacake and coffee at the Skyreburn Teapot.


  1. Because of the weather,i only used my little pocket camera for todays pictures.Hopefully it'll be a nicer day on Saturday and i can use my Canon.

  2. Always fancied a round of these hills including Cairnharrow Jim as it looks like there would be great views.The weather didn`t look too bad in the pics.Can`t complain at this time of year..!


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Morning deer
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