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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Killing Time : The Wigtown Martyrs

A reworking of a previous clip.Musical accompaniment is a blend of two compositions by Oystein Sevag,Tojojo and Painful Love.

(Description below from Wikipedia)
The Killing Time is the term given by historian Robert Wodrow to a period of conflict in Scottish history between 1680 and 1688. The conflict was between the Presbyterian Covenanter movement, based largely in the south of the country and the government forces of King Charles II and King James VII.

During "The Killing Times" of the Covenanters in the 17th century, Margaret McLachlan, an elderly woman in her 60s, and Margaret Wilson, a teenager, were sentenced to be tied to stakes in the tidal channel of the Bladnoch River near its entrance to Wigtown Bay to be drowned by the incoming tide. Margaret McLachlan was staked further down in the river channel. The ploy was that the younger Margaret might be persuaded to change her mind by being forced to watch the older woman drown. All attempts to persuade her to change her mind failed and, despite a dragoon being ordered to hold her head up, she too was drowned. This barbaric execution was carried out by dragoons under the command of Major Windram in the presence of Sir Robert Grierson of Lag who held the King's Commission to suppress the rebels in the South West.


  1. I cannot see the video but the story touched me much.

    By the way, I liked the baby with Munchle. Is Munchle his daddy? :)

    Keep well...

  2. Hi Yağmur,one of these days i'm sure YouTube will get into Turkey.
    The 'Kid' arrived back in August,he's taken a while to settle in.I do believe that Munchie is his daddy,but he's not saying.I wonder what he was up to while i was away?


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