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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cairnsmore Viaduct and View

Tuesday the 15th of December,and it looks like i'm on the mend.

I took myself over to the Cairnsmore estate,and first had a wander round the old railway viaduct.The owners of the bottom house have certainly made use of the isolated middle section.

Panorama of Cairnsmore of Fleet from Palnure on

Walking along the disused line back towards Palnure,i took this panorama.(I might try and incorporate it into a future ramblers walk).

I then headed up the side of Wicklow wood looking for a recorded mineshaft,stopping to talk to a drystone waller.He's retired,but still keeps doing a bit.
I didn't find the mineshaft.
Heading through Wicklow woods,i joined the picturesque Graddoch burn for a while.Heading over a field i stopped and talked to a local farmer who told me where a shaft was located.I'll look for it the next time,i've a feeling my map reading might have been off a little today.


  1. Is Scotland a land of fairytales?

    What a beautiful places these are!

    And thanks for your concern. I am feeling better.


  2. We have an abundance of Fairy Stories.
    Have a look at


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Morning deer
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