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Thursday, 17 December 2009


I took a little walk alongside the Cree today.
It meanders a lot just south of Newton Stewart at the Loop of Carsenaw and Carse of Barr.
I park my car at Parkmaclurg.(Since i haven't got a clurg to park lol).
My first stop was to look at where the railway line used to cross the river.When the tide's low you can see some of the bridges wooden supports.Looking back along the line towards Palnure,it looks gorse and bracken free.They're usually overgrown.
There's a nice view back up river to Blackcraig.
This wee Grey Wagtail looked as though he wanted the company.
He stuck close to me for a long while,jumping in and out of puddles along the track.
The ice wont thaw in this trough today...there's snow on the way.
After disturbing a large Heron,a noisy flock of birds flew overhead.This one was brave enough to let me get some photos...
...I think it's a Fieldfare,one of our winter visitors.

As the river nears Carty Port,it widens quite considerably.When i've seen this stretch from the otherside,there's often large quantities of birds.I disturbed a couple of ducks...
...and there were some quite small birds on the far side,but i had no binoculars with me today.

We've had one fall of snow as i write this.The east coast are bearing the brunt of it tonight.


  1. We are waiting for the snow but it seems it won't come soon. It is shining here at this month. Very irritating.:(

  2. I wonder if you've got your snow yet yağmur.Ours didn't amount to much up till now,but there's more forecast.

  3. unfortunately no.:( i am waiting but it hasn't snowed yet.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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