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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A fresh fall of snow over Galloway

It's Tuesday the 5th of January Twenty Ten,and overnight we've had a fresh fall of snow.I'm recovered well enough from Sundays outing to get my wellies on and head up to one of my favourite places.
It's the mast above Barrhill Farm Woods.I wonder if i'll get to see the creature that's made these tracks.

The snow really highlights the embankment of the old railway line to Wigtown and beyond.

The hills are easier to recognise with a white blanket.

I'm having a drink as Mister Fox casually lopes past,and as usual he's gone before i can get a picture.I must have seen him or his brothers half a dozen times up here now,and one day i'll get the picture to prove it.

This is the view down the Cree valley...
...does it look better in a frame.I've been using Picasa as my main photo editor for sometime now,and have only just discovered it can put a border of any colour on a picture or collage.
Heading down to the road,there's another remnant of the railway(Dumfries to Newton Stewart),the sheep are on the move,and i do believe my prediction of the Cree freezing over is coming to fruition.
I head home back along the river,and across Dashwood Square...

...and take a few more wintery scenes.
That was a pleasant walk.


  1. i was gonna say use white if you do use a border but it looks like you have found that it looks better anyway. i do think a white border can enhance some pictures.

    i can't believe you walked accross the ice. that's brill. i want a go. pretty sure we could do our wee lake but too scared to try it.

  2. Jim,
    Fabulous pictures. Thank you so much for reminding me of your blog. I have put it on my favorites bar. Are you on Facebook?
    I am going to plan a long visit in the winter. I shouldn't have spent a month in Paris this summer and I'd have had money enough to be there in the snow. Keep posting, I'll be a daily visitor:)

  3. Thanks for your comments Sez and Judy.
    For border colours Sez,i'll pick a colour from inside the picture,then at least it matches something.
    The thaw has begun today Judy,but there's more snow forecast tomorrow.I've left Facebook-I was spending too much time on the computer.

  4. Well, since I retired for the second time I am trying to limit my FB time to 2 hours..My grandchildren keep me updated and my former students, too so I tend to wait until midnight so I don't IM too long. I've been listening to BBC Scotland at night-It is music to my ears. Wish that you would talk on your videos on YT.
    Thanks! Judy


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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