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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Day at the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

The Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park
Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park
at Kirkcudbright in South West Scotland has a variety of animals from all over the world and their birds and animals have large,natural and imaginative enclosures
I couldn't believe my luck when this wonderfully cute Red Panda stayed still long enough for me to get this picture.
In 2008 two of these adorable creatures,a mother and daughter escaped when a tree fell on their enclosure.Pichu the mother was recaptured close to the park after a few weeks.Isla the daughter managed to survive in the wilds of South West Scotland for 19 months.Unhappily she was found by the side of the road with fatal injuries after obviously being hit by a vehicle.On a happier note they've bred two cubs towards the end of 2009,and i believe this is one of them.The cub names are Cai and Liang.
All footage here was filmed and photographed on a bitterly cold 18th of February 2010.

Depicted in this video of clips and photographs are some of the animals and birds resident in the park.
The Red Pandas,Oriental Otters (On a seperate video) and the Meercats are amongst the most popular.
I'll be back sometime to film the Meercats.

The background music in the YouTube clip is Breeze Remaster from Bassic Audiology

This sleepy Heron was enjoying the warming sun.
I don't know much about Owls,but the one on the right here is the largest in Europe,and is the European Eagle Owl
I've a feeling this is the female of a pair of lynx.The male was pacing back and forth at the back of the enclosure.It was difficult to get any good footage of their enclosure,due to the close mesh of the fence.
The pack of wolves were waiting for breakfast on our first circuit.Second time around they were in their enclosures resting.

Another of the Red Pandas.
Thanks to No1 for the following pictures.

My grandkids loved these Oriental Otters.
Sorry kids,but you can't take them home.
This is Callum and Erin in front of some old codger with a video camera.
I think Callum named this one Snowy.
Without doubt this is a value for money, worthwhile,and environment friendly attraction and i'll be back.


  1. That looks a cracker of a wildlife park Jim.A lot better than the ones near Glasgow.Bet your grandkids enjoyed it.Good range of photos too.

  2. Yer right Bob and Alex,I'd visited a few so called wildlife parks when I was exiled south of the border,and none of them matched this one.The kids absolutely loved it.


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Morning deer
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