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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oriental Otters at the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

On the recent family visit to the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park
Galloway Wildlife
at Kirkcudbright,we'd gone round once,and the Otters were away in their hide.

Another look and they still weren't about,but we kept looking and were eventually rewarded with a beautiful display from these delightful creatures.

The video camera had to come out then.

It's a shame their pond was frozen up though.

I've another video compilation of the other animals coming soon.
Once again i'd recommend a visit.This is a fabulous place.


  1. Hi, Jim.
    I swoon the second picture. The otters seem curious about people around them. They are very cute.

  2. Hi Yağmur,
    Our Otters here in Scotland are very shy and elusive.You're right in that these lovely creatures relish the company of people.


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Morning deer
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