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Monday, 19 April 2010

Atmospheric - Volcanic Ash ?

Sunday the 18th of April 2010.

It's an atmospheric evening as I head out for an early evening walk.

I wonder whether there's any ash in these clouds.
These Gypsy Vanners are unconcerned as they chew on the grass.Would too much volcanic ash cause them colic I wonder.
A Burke and Hare setting here.

The clouds are rolling over Cairnsmore of Fleet.
This is the roof of my car.The first fall out since I left the Steelworks.I guess it's to do with the eruption in Iceland.


  1. I`m getting a wee bit worried Jim.I`m due to go out to visit the battlefield at Anzio with my father in two weeks time.! Can`t get insurance to cover cancellation because of the ash because it is "an existing problem".
    I think there are only four others fit to travel from his old regiment that landed on the beach there.I`m hoping to make a side trip to Monte Cassino with him though I don`t think he`ll want to remember that one too much..!

  2. It sounds like the ash is going to clear soon Alex,so good luck with your trip.
    I'll bet your father has some incredible memories.You'll have seen lots of tv coverage no doubt.There's an Italian Youtube user you might have come across already, who's got a lot of old footage on his channel

    Worth a look if you haven't

  3. Hi Dad, I think we have had a bit more muck on our windows than usual but not as much as up there it seems. Glad you are enjoying the better weather though. London was fun. See ya


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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