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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Larg Hill and Craignaw Recce

Wednesday the 7th of April 2010.
I'm leading a walk to Larg Hill and Craignaw a week on Saturday.
Today,myself,deputy leader and two other ramblers are doing a recce.
We'll take the route from 'Walking the Galloway Hills' by Paddy Dillon
Starting at Caldons Car Park,it's 4.7 miles south on forest road before we start climbing for real.Plenty of good conversation made the time pass quickly.
The recent rain has given the burns a fairly copious flow.

Reaching Craigenteasy we find the drystone dyke that we'll follow up to the first of Largs two summits.We're soon gaining height and see Loch Middle below us.
There's still patches of snow about.The gradient's quite steep,but eases in places.
On Punchwell Brae,a view over the Cree Estuary opens up.
Making good headway,we're soon on the first of Largs two summits.This one's 659 Metres in height.
A few hundred yards north east,and we reach the 676 Metres summit.
We drop down below the dyke to shelter from the wind as we have lunch.The views are great.

Panorama of Curleywee to the Cree on

Time for me to take a panorama.Curleywee, Millfore,Drigmorn,Craignelder and Cairnsmore are prominent.
Curleywee and Lamachan are the adjacent peaks.
This is Leslie.He's 71 years old,and moves like a mountain goat.

Craignaw's our next target...
...we took the quick way over Larg Scar...
...into Strife Land.Not for the faint hearted!
Bennan,Benyellery and the Merrick come into view.
Craignaw and more great views.We even saw a hazy Ailsa Craig.

Me and Leslie in this picture.(Honestly he's in it)

A soggy,boggy climb down alongside the Mulmein and Caldons burns gets us back to Caldons.The waterfalls were pretty spectacular today.It's hard to capture them in pictures.

Hopefully we'll get as good weather on walk day.Today was great.

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