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Thursday, 22 April 2010

South Ayrshire nr Colmonell

It's Wednesday the 21st of April and I'm having a day out in South Ayrshire.
This summer I'm leading a walk in the area,and I'm deputy on a walk a week next Saturday.
While heading through Colmonell, I decided to go look for Peden's Mount.

This has come about through a young lady on Islay getting in touch with me and others for a project she's involved in.
Becky Williamson takes great photographs.
These are her links.
Made on Islay
Becky Drew Pictures
Solus is Sìth

Stopping at the ruins of Craigneil Castle (A future project)to ask about road conditions, I found I was conversing with another of Becky's contacts.
Mary Hogg and her brother Angus have well over 5000 photographs indexed with
This is their page.
Mary and Angus Hogg on Geograph

Thanks for your help Mary.

Driving south east for a couple of kilometres,I came to the end of the tarmac road at Reuchal.
The first thing that struck me was the amazing views over the Galloway Hills.
The shepherd on his quad has a lot of area to cover nowadays.I had a long conversation with him when I reached Pedens Mount.As well as confirming my map reference, I learned from him that Fred Olsen of shipping fame once owned all the land around here.
Nice talking to you Tom.
Here at Wheeb Farmhouse an intriguing sign says Cable Telephone. I wonder whether this was the exchange for all the neighbouring farms.
This little mite was only a few hours old.
Now this was what I believed to be Peden's Mount,but have just learned that, according to Scotlands places,it's a small rocky eminence said to have been the preaching place of "the prophet Peden" (ie Rev Alexander Peden, 1626-1686).A 'Spit of Rock' protruding into the Water of Tig.
Looks like another visit's in order.
There's three earthy humps here.No other bumpy bits around ?
The view south east.Another empty farmhouse Glenour is on the right
A nice summer house overlooks the Water of Tig.
A picturesque waterfall just below the summer house.The Water of Tig joins the Stinchar on it's way to the coast at Ballantrae.
Now I retraced my steps back to the car.

Back down at Ballantrae I managed to find a possible alternative route to the summit of Knockdolian.
I've taken this view of Ailsa and Arran often enough, but never from just above Ballantrae.
It's been another enjoyable day of exploration.

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  1. I, for one, hope that you finally make it to Peden's Mount!

    Here's my post on it.

    Good Luck. Mark


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