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Friday, 2 April 2010

A walk to Lake Superior

I was under the impression that there was only one Lake in Scotland,that being the Lake of Menteith.
Reading Alex and Bobs BlueSkyScotland put me right on that,so I set off to look for Cairnryans Lake Superior.
Loch Ryan's ferries were running again after being cancelled due to the bad weather.
The lane opposite the P & O terminal took me upwards past the High Croach Quarry.There are records of all sorts of antiquities and other interesting stuff in this area.Download a Pdf document here. Archaeology Cultural and Heritage Document
Here's an easy to understand notice...isn't it !
The Claddy House Burn has lots of waterfalls as it tumbles down to Loch Ryan.
This rock's on the OS map.It goes by the name of 'Craw Stane'.I think I can take an educated guess where it got it's name from.
I'm in forestry now,but I've no idea what these crossed flags signify.
Lake Superior's only two and a half miles in from Loch Ryan,and this is my first picture of it.Pretty spectacular eh!
I head anti clockwise through an old quarry.I'm intigued by the markings on the boulders.Assuming they've been blasted,it's strange how they're all marked differently.
I get a look at the resident wild life on the lake.Couldn't see any more than this pair.
Now I'm able to take a full width picture.Not a lot to compare it with it's larger namesake is there.This one's closer to home though,so that's a plus.
After taking a closer look at these,I can quite categorically state that they're not butterfly nets.These are wire mesh scrubbers or beaters used mainly for heather fires.
Heading back I'm keeping an eye open for a 'Hut Circle' marked on my map.I couldn't distinguish for sure anything that looked like a Hut Circle,but these looked like they could fit the bill.I've since got the right directions,so next time I'll be more positive.
More waterfalls,tadpoles and a bridge made from pallets were among the items catching my eye.
As Loch Ryan came back into view,the ruins at High Croach were nicely set off against the black clouds gathering over the North Rhins
Overlooking the quarry,the big P + O ferry was tying up...
...while the Stena ferry made for Stranraer.I'm surprised the Ramblers haven't walked more round this area.Perhaps in the future ?


  1. Stop......thief..!!

    Bang goes my idea of being first to blog Lake Superior..! :o)

    I`d love to know who gave it the name.He/she must have a sense of humour..!


  2. Blame Bob for me going Alex,if he hadn't posted a link I wouldn't have gone.Apparently our walking group have been,but don't intend doing it again.Some sense of humour is right.Aye...Right !


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