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Friday, 14 May 2010

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall-Trongate Glasgow

A few blog readers will know that I became a member of 'The Sons of The Desert' a couple of months ago.It's an international Laurel and Hardy appreciation society.
There are branches, or "Tents" all over the world, notably in the United Kingdom,the United States and Europe. Each tent is named after one of the films Laurel and Hardy made together.
There are four 'Tents' in Scotland.

All known British tents of the Sons of the Desert and their Grand Sheiks are listed here at Bowler Dessert.
Bowler Dessert
Other links include
Stan Laurel and Oliver
Laurel and

Stranraer's tent is known as 'Their Purple Moment'.
At the oldest surviving music hall in the UK.
The Brittania Panopticon
Laurel & Hardy Film Nights are held monthly.
These pictures are from one of those nights.

Here is the Glasgow tents banner who's Grand Sheik also organises these nights.

Founded in 1857 the Panopticon's popularity quickly spread and up to 1500 people would cram themselves onto wooden benches for every show.
Lots of old posters...
...and artefacts are on display throughout...
...while on nights like this Panopticon souvenirs and Laurel and Hardy memorabilia,films and CD's can be purchased.
On display too are these duplicate books dating back to the early 20th century.
A good crowd of young and old enjoyed an evening laughing loudly at the antics of Stan and Ollie.

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