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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Glebe on Vacation-Cheltenham

I had a great weekend in North Wales,but now I'm heading down to Cheltenham.
My choice of roads is the scenic route via Betws-y-Coed and Capel Curig.Wonderful scenery,at least I have very pleasant drive for part of my journey.
It's all short lived though and I'm soon enough on the traffic choked thoroughfare that is the M6.
Cheltenham though is eventually reached.
These lovely young ladies are the reason for this visit.They are the twins Sez and Maz.
I'm staying at Burley Fields Lake in Leckhampton-the home of this handsome creature.
Here's a passage from Explore Gloucester.
Burley Fields, located at the Crippets, at the foot of Leckhampton Hill, with the famous Devils Chimney overlooking, is home to Steve Kincart and partner Pam Williams. They own a host of animals ranging from peacocks which run wild round the farm, to many varieties of pigs and wild boar who indulge themselves with a stew of over-ripe fruit and vegetables, giving a wholesome organic diet.
Fallow deer roam freely in acres of space.
Burley Fields Lake Farm Shop, offers a wide selection of free-range meats available every Saturday, as well as superb carp fishing and lots more.

The deer to the accompaniment of Blackroom by Moby.

One of the aforementioned peacocks.

Ice cream in the park and a walk round the town.A mother duck watches over her young.
I'm taken on a trip to see Coopers Hill near Brockworth.
It's claim to fame is it's annual cheese rolling festival.
Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Festival
Unfortunately the 2010 event was cancelled.

Here's Gloucesters Online Magazines clip from 2009.

There's also nice woodlands walks here.
During my stay in Cheltenham many a happy hour was spent in it's excellent hostelries.In the best of company I might add.

Back at Burley Fields Lake the deer are settling for the night.

It's the last day of June 2010,and me and Sez take a look around the racecourse while were waiting for Maz.
We're heading off on a mini adventure to a campsite on the Welsh Border.
That adventure will follow shortly.


  1. brill photo's and links.
    was so great to see you. i'm looking forward to camping in the black mountains next time.

  2. Thanks Sez.It was a really enjoyable visit.Watch out for the Tintern and Chepstow Post.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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