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Friday, 9 July 2010

The Glebe on Vacation-Lincolnshire-North

July 2010
The run up from Cheltenham went well enough and I've landed in the village of Keadby near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.
These are the two lassies I'm visiting over the next couple of days.
Mind you they've changed a bit in the last um em ...well however many years it is.
One things for sure they've passed on the looks to the grandkids, who'll feature mostly in this and the next post.
This is Callum and Erin,both a little older and maybe wiser since I last uploaded pictures of them.

We're having a day out at Normanby Hall Country Park
The first thing as always is to feed the ducks.It's always very colourful here in the summer.

I hope that bridge is safe.Normanby Hall is the traditional home of the Sheffield family,and beyond the duck pond is a pets graveyard.Although North Lincolnshire Council now own the hall and grounds,it's apparent the family still have rights here.
The latest addition being a small square stone dated 2006 with the wording 'Bertie Tilly Rosie beloved terriers of the Sheffield family'
Next we move on to an area set aside for birds and squirrels.There are lots of feed tables and tree boxes about.

Cal and Erin like to try and get close to the squirrels.

I'm sure this sculpture has a name.I worked for British Steel when it was erected.
Erin adopts a variety of poses.Maybe she's got aspirations of being a model.She'd be great eh!
Now we move on to the climbing tree.Always popular with the youngsters.Today the kids are lucky,there's no one else playing on it.
Scunthorpe is known as the 'Industrial Garden Town'.Having spent quite a number of years working here,I've learned to appreciate places like this.After a shift at the 'Coke Ovens'this is a great place to escape to.Even in the centre of town the local authority always kept the public gardens in glorious bloom.
The hall itself is quite popular for weddings, conferences and other functions.
The lawns in front of the house are great for playing games on.Erin's doing great playing tennis while balancing on a bottle top...
...Cals got his eye on the ball though.
Mum takes over with the tennis racket while Erin gives her grandad a good whuppin at table football.
Don't ask me what these chickens are up to.Cluck cluck.Hopefully they've had as nice a day as I have.

The next set of pictures are from an open day held by Scunthorpe United on the 4th of July 2010.
I arrived towards the end of the day.
No1 and Steve were both on duty albeit on adjacent stalls.
Scunthorpe United have a fair sized Irish following,and Steve ran the Irish Iron Stall.Their websites here
Irish Iron
Lot's of other stuff was going on including the fair (Wish these rolling balls had been invented when i was a kid)the army, and a tribute band called the Jam'd (Wonder who they're a tribute to?) Youtube clip to follow....
...and some classic cars.

My vacations almost over.

Still to come is Cleethorpes beach with Jack and Charlotte and a few Youtube clips
Stay Tuned

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