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Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Glebe on Vacation-Lincolnshire-North East-Cleethorpes at the beach

My last place to call on this round trip is Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire.

This is Jack and Charlotte on a recent camping trip to Edale.Thanks for the pictures Mum.The last time I saw them was a visit to Galloway last August.
I composed this YouTube video of their visit.
Today we're having a morning on the beach.We're down at Humberston Fitties.The south end of Cleethorpes and the Pleasure Island theme park.Mum and Dad get the wind shelter up.
The sand's too dry for Jack to build sandcastles, but he gets lots built later close to the tide.Charlotte does a balancing act before leaping into the sand.

Time for a splash,mum and dad get wet as well.Grandad digs down to get some firmer sand for Charlotte to build a castle.
Jacks doing a good impression of Superman...
...then along comes Supergirl.
Back into the water.
Grandad got splashed and he's seeing double.
Other stuffs happening at the mouth of the Humber.
Bottom right is Haile sands fort,one of a pair,it was commissioned during WW1 to guard the River Humber, finished in the 1920's and used to defend the Humber during WW2.(Bull sands fort is a little further out).

The helicopter was flying all's £99 pounds for a fifteen minute trip...if you join any of the services it's free!(Mind you it'd probably be in Helmand Province)

The drilling rig's been moored up for a few days.(When I worked at Immingham,there were often big modules passing through.)

This is a beach that allows dogs.Very rare these days.They're always happy dogs when they get down here.

These two are having a great time.
Here, Superboy uses his supernatural powers to explode the sand that he's been buried in,while Charlie's angel Charlotte takes cover.

The Glebe's Vacation is almost over and will be heading back to bonnie scotland soon.
It's been a great round trip and the weathers been great.

Loved seeing all the folks up in North Wales where the hospitality was wonderful.

Loved visiting the bonnie lassies and their partners down in Cheltenham (As well as the camping out)

Loved visiting the family in North and North East Lincolnshire, and I particularly loved seeing the young folk who's names are Jack James and Charlotte and Callum and Erin.

See you all again soon.

Dad Grandad x

Just got to upload some video to YouTube sometime soon.


  1. Congradulations Jim.These photos really capture the spirit of what its like to be young,carefree and full of beans.Its a shame adult experience and work tends to drown out that sense of true freedom as we grow older.If you forget that child that,s still inside you the simple joys of living cant be appreciated anymore.The best things in life are free because they cant be measured in capital or property or status.
    A walk along an empty beach doesn,t cost anything but its priceless. bob.

  2. Cheers Bob,yes you're right about the sense of true freedom.
    I remember when growing up,people would always make the comment 'I wish I was your age again'.
    Alas the elixir of youth hasn't been invented yet.
    I'll keep mixing the potions though,you just never know !


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