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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Glebe on Vacation-Penmaenmawr Hill Walk

The Glebe on Vacation is very likely to become fairly disjointed as I correlate my pictures and videos.This walk for example took place on Friday the 25th of June,and should therefore have been my first away posting.
Nonetheless I hope the pictures do it justice-it was a great wee walk.
I'm camped Nor/Nor/West of Foel Lus.The nearest campsite on the map.
It's a zig-zag climb to begin with.The path is barely perceptible due to the height of the ferns.That's my car and tent near the amenities block in the middle of the above picture.
Reaching a prominent saddle i get a view down to an area called Dwygyfylchi.The campsite owner insists that it's easy to master the Welsh language-you could have fooled me.
The next stretch takes me south west around the hill to this point where it reaches Mountain Lane.(I knew I could drive up here,but decided that would be cheating.)
Now here's a little story about the above picture.
I was coming up the path opposite the bench,so I was out of view until almost reaching the road.The four track vehicle in the picture had just arrived and the driver was about to open his boot.Spotting me emerging he had second thoughts and got back in his car,shunted it slightly and remained in the drivers seat.I continued on occasionally looking back and also taking note of his registration.I suspected he'd been about to add to the collection of black bags,and I detest fly tippers.
My theory may have been completely wrong, and I apologise if it was....
...but the bags were gone when i returned.
Guilt,concience or the fear of being reported?.A vanity registration number is easily remembered.
Now ascending Foel Lus I get a great view of a herd of sheep being shepherded along a farm track below.
I've already uploaded a picture from the summit of Foel Lus.This one's looking westwards.The hat may look Bill and Ben..ish,but it's saved me getting burnt this summer.
Zooming in gets this picture over Conwy and Llandudno Junction.
A descent of a couple of hundred feet brings me to this junction.Meini Hirion indicates a Druid's Circle and that's where I'm heading.

It must have been quite a feat laying water pipes over these hills.
I'm not taking the direct path and I get this view back to Foel Lus from the top of Craig Hafodwen.
Back on the well signposted North Wales path, I get to see some of the wild ponies that inhabit these hills.Is that a section of narrow gauge rail?
Now I'm amongst the standing stones and circles that are scattered throughout these hills.
Apparently Maeni Hirion or the Druid’s circle is misnamed and has nothing to do with Druidism.A more detailed explanation can be found here
I suppose Celtic or Wiccan graffiti is acceptable here.A close inspection shows it to be done in chalk.
This is the disturbed circle.Excavations in 1958-9 found cremation burials here.
This peak is my next objective.It's at Clip yr Orsedd.
I see more wild ponies,the reason these are called the Quarry Villages,and a view over to Llanfairfechan.
Further on is a Neolithic cairn very similar to the one we saw recently on Cairnharrow.
A closer look over the quarries...
...brings me to the last summit and the closest I'll get on this walk to Llanfairfechan.
I take the same route back except for climbing a fourth peak above Ffridd Wanc.
What great walking country.Love it!

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