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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Jam'd at Glanford Park July the 4th 2010

On the day I filmed those magnificent youngsters The Foottappers,I later filmed another music genre at another venue.

Glanford Park, the home of Scunthorpe United were holding an open day and there to entertain the crowd were the Lincolnshire tribute band The Jam'd.

Not all blog readers will consider this their type of music. Punk rock/mod revival is the label and it certainly appealed to much of those in attendance.

It was certainly entertainment.

Strange Town

In The City

Thick As Thieves

Modern World

Going Underground

When You're Young

To those that can...enjoy !
To those that can't...sorry !
To the indifferent...have a click anyway !


  1. I like the Jam :)

    Hope you enjoyed your trip down south Jim...


  2. Thanks Alex,I enjoyed the trip,but it's always good to get back to the peace and quiet of Galloway.
    We're heading out on a recce up Cairnsmore today-we'll be looking for the Duke's path.


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