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Saturday, 24 July 2010


Jill is a young Springer Spaniel I had the pleasure of photographing this past week.
She was such a blur of energy she had little time to pose for pictures.
But with patience and occasionally heeding her owners instructions,she allowed some photographs to be taken.
Here's a few of this lovable young lady.


  1. Good Pics Jim.Its a funny thing about animals though they are always
    camera freindly.You get people who just dont suit getting their picture taken(I have to admit I,m one of these.)Others the camera loves,which can have nothing to do with looks but all other wildlife,even the gruesome ones take a great snap.Why is that?It must be self awareness of lack of it?

  2. Some people are just naturally photogenic Bob,and they probably know it.
    You and Alex look ok to me though.Not scary or anything.

    You're right about wildlife.The best pictures are the natural ones.


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Morning deer
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