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Friday, 13 August 2010

A day in Edinburgh-it's festival time

It's Wednesday the 11th of August 2010.
I'm heading to Edinburgh for the day.
I'm taking the bus over from Glenrothes.Parking in Edinburgh at festival time is at a premium,and i'll save myself the hassle.It's a nice trip over the bridge anyway.
My youngest daughter's in the city and she's at the bus station to meet me.

The first thing we did was to visit my 93 year old aunt at the Braeburn home for the elderly.She's a bit slower than when I last saw her,but she managed to eat a hearty dinner while we visited.
It's a bit drizzly as we head back towards the city.My bus pass comes in handy

Familiar landmarks are passed as we get ourselves to Waverley Station and the Nor' Loch bar for a spot of lunch.I heartily recommend the jumbo haddock and chips...only the Peacock at Newhaven surpasses.
Now we head over the North Bridge.We're going to take a look down the royal mile.
(My plan was to climb Arthurs Seat,but the weather and circumstances put paid to that idea)

There's a carnival atmosphere as we mingle with the crowds at the street shows and previews.Flyers for shows are thrust at us every few yards.
This young lady and her mum are happy to be pictured.All manner of characters are on display today.I've a feeling I may be mistaken in thinking the young lady with the camera was a performer.(No adverse comments please!)Charlie Chaplin was good.
All the hostelries are doing a good trade.
Representatives from every continent seem to be present.
There's a wonderful variety of costumes.I never got a picture of the bikini clad beauties...that's not like me!
Bottom right in the above collage...what about the man in the middle ? I can't figure out if he's part of the act.

Now we have a bevy of beauties and some musical Romans.
I must visit Japan sometime.Also above is a woman in traditional irish dress,and I guess Richard is the blindfolded one.
Now we head back over Princes Street to meet up with the lead musician performing in 'tabú' with Nofitstate Circus.See here
Chris Cundy
Ok.I'm biased,but if you see the show you'll see I'm right.
A welcome drink and a seat in the Guilford Arms on West Register Street follows.
After a while Chris has to get back for rehearsals,so we're still considering Arthurs Seat.We head back to the lower end of the Royal Mile.
The designer of the Herald advert above has created a magical picture.
Don't you just love the outfit and the shoes !.
You either love it or hate it.I reserve my right to remain silent.

The rain makes our mind up for us.We jump on a bus to Easter Road from where we walk to Shrub Place on Leith Walk.
The aliens have landed.(After watching the show later,I think I might be right.Superhuman at the least)
A few of the entourage above.
The circus is sited at Venue 155.It's a derelict piece of ground that was once a tram depot.
According to one previous circus visitor,it had a roof on the last time...
...which is probable looking at the ruins of the remaining sheds.Look closely and you'll see a real old wreck....
...but not this classic.

It's been a very enjoyable day up to now.
Stay tuned for the main attraction.
and the show 'tabú'

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