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Thursday, 19 August 2010

School Holidays = Grandkids...Callum and Erin

It's the week commencing Monday the 16th of August 2010.
As can be seen from the previous post of a YouTube video,I have visitors this week.
Callum,Erin and their mum, my eldest daughter, are here for a few days.
The Cream O' Galloway is the first stop.

The only thing they won't bother with here is 'Down the Hatch',tried it...didn't like it.

Due to the exuberance,injuries are inevitably sustained.

Mum gets active this trip.No need for a visit to Weight Watchers this week.

Callum's the coolest dude out there.

Erin takes the Flying Fox in her stride.Callum moves on to a bigger cart.

It's the bikes next...

....Callum stays around the more demanding part of the course.After an initial tumble,Erin away like Sir Chris Hoy.She lets mum past on the last section though.

A well deserved lick after all the activity.

A short drive takes us down to Carrick Shore.Erin and Callum take turns in balancing Ardwall Isle on their heads.

There's lots of activity on the water.

Dog whelk egg mass is fetched back to the Glebe to be recognised.The stony face gets named Buckie since he was found close to the egg mass.Dog whelks are known as Buckies.

The end of a busy day.The above collage sounds like a good title for a childrens book. 'Erin,the Heron and the Magpie' (The moth is a Magpie)

Tuesday the 17 August

This sea monster was spotted above the cliffs at Kilantringan lighthouse.

Kilantringan and Knock Bay stretch out beautifully.

Although this looks an endearing picture of big brother looking after sis,I'm sorry to say it was just coincidence that their hands were close when I pressed the button.

As well as the beach,there's plenty of rocky areas to explore.

Cool dudes all right !

Grandad gets in the picture.

The sun's shining as we get to Portpatrick.

Dunskey Castle's condemned, but we still take a little peek.

We've seen movement out there that might have been basking sharks,but nothing definitive.

Now we're visiting Druchtag Motte.This is where the previous YouTube clip was taken.In the top picture above we have Erin to the left apparently defying gravity.
Take a look at this clip uploaded on Davshelgo channel.

This wasn't supposed to turn into a sliding down contest,but after this young lady had (accidental or deliberate ?) fallen on to her backside the damage was done.
What a great way to end a fun packed day.

Wednesday the 18th of August
Over to Port Logan today.

Holes are dug and filled with water to hold any shore life netted in the rock pools.

Lots of jellyfish are washed up on the sand.
A great time here,but we'll head to another beach.

Chapel Rossan Bay is the one.

That black cloud has made the sky very atmospheric.It makes a great background for this little princess carrying her net.

Lots of pools to explore here.

There's tons of excitement as lots of crabs and in particular blennies are found.
Grandad had an interesting encounter when he went to scoop up a blenny,and ended up with a crab crawling over his hand.ha ha ha
It's time to move on again.

Agnew Park in Stranraer will finish off the day.Archimedes screw,digger,boat,pirate island and a play park...

...there's lots of fun to be had here.Aren't pedalos hard work ?
That ferry won't fit in this boating lake,so why is it coming towards us.?

Grandad gets another look in.Where do you kids get your cracking looks from ?

This is a few pictures in sequence.It's interesting to see whether the kids can stay still for long.
What a day.What a visit.
It was great to see you kids.


  1. Hell`s bells Jim.You`ll need a holiday yourself after all that..!

    Alex :)

  2. You're right Alex.
    They've some energy these kids nowadays.I though I was coping well then Jack and Charlotte arrived.Got to love them though.
    Maybe I'll take next year off.

  3. Dad your photos of the kids are so ace. you really catch the excitement and movement. xx Marie


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