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Monday, 23 August 2010

School Holidays = Grandkids...Jack and Charlotte

Thursday the 19th of August.

Mum,Callum and Erin have headed home,Jack and Charlotte have arrived with mum and dad.
It's a Scottish night over at Kirkcudbright.

Time for a look around a a play before the show starts.

I think this is what's called 'Boundless Energy'.

It's flag waving time and it looks like Charlotte's got the biggest one she could find.

Jack's been learning the moves from the man in the funny hat.

The festivities begin while South West Sounds top DJ Bruce McKenzie is tonights Master of Ceremonies.

Charlotte gets a seat on Dads knee.She picked the frame by the way.

The dancers show lots of moves....

....which Charlotte does her best to copy.

Country dancing,the Stewartry wind band and the Kirkcudbright pipe band make it an entertaining night.

Friday the 20th of August
Back to Agnew park and the Archimedes screw.

It's a storm lashed desert island at the moment....

But it's brightening up all the time.Nothing to stop these young folk enjoying themselves.

Toot toot !

Higher and faster !

Toot toot again.

Some serious racing taking place here.

Now we're off to the coast.
It's a walk round Blackhead.... view Kilantringan Lighthouse...

...and the wreck of the Craigantlet in Portamaggie Bay.

It's great to explore.Is that a mermaid on a rock ?

Lots of fun at Kilantringan Bay beach.

Bye bye beach...see you next time.

A night time walk around Blairmount park.Lots of bats tonight.

Saturday the 21st August
Jack and Charlotte are heading back home today.We've time for a visit to Glentrool.
A nice long walk up the Buchan Burn.Wait for grandad !

It's a colourful walk.

Jack and Charlotte say bye bye to Munchie and the kid.
See you again soon.


  1. :) I should imagine that by Sunday they've run out of steam - looks like you've covered a great portion of Galloway over the weekend. I keep forgetting this is on on a thursday night - the first I usually remember of it is the pipe band wafting in my window.

  2. Looks like great fun was had by all! The Glebe Blog looks nicely put together, excellent pictures!


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