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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

To Fife again

Monday 9th August 2010.
Heading over to Glenrothes I've decided to take a break at the Loch Leven nature reserve at Kinross.
It's a showery day,but there's lots of tourists around here.There's a memorial in the cemetery by Kinross House to one Robert Burns Begg,grandson of the bard.

Over on the island is where the fair Mary was imprisoned.
Here's a link to marie-stuart for the story.

Tuesday 10th August
Three of us are taking a wee walk up West Lomond today.The forecast is for the showers to pass over....
....not before we get a good soaking though.
It does clear up when we reach the top though.Great views all round.
Back to East Lomond (Falkland Hill) under wispy cloud and Ballo,Harperleas and Holl reservoirs.

Heading to Edinburgh for the day tomorrow.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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