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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ramblers Trip to the Antrim Coast and Glens~~~Day Three~~~Glenariff and Cushendun

Day Three Wednesday the 13th of October.
After yesterdays walk everyone had a good sleep,a good breakfast and we're ready for more of Antrims delights.
Today we're heading back east.We pile into the vehicles and head to Ballycastle where we stop at a Eurospar for provisions.
There's still no water in the vanishing lake.We continue on through Cushendall and on to Waterfoot where we make for Glenariff Forest Park.
For a virtual tour take a look at Glenariff

The car park attendants box is closed down for the winter.The parking machine is also wrapped up in plastic,so we're parking for free.

The exhibition room is open as is the cafe.Because we're a big group,we're unlikely to see any of the above,so we'll have to make do with these inanimate specimens.

The lady in the cafe tells us she's only open because of a pre-arranged group booking,but she'll stay open if we get back at a reasonable time.That'll do us.

Off we go then.We're doing what is called the 'Scenic' walk.It's a circular 5.5 miles around mature woodland and river gorges.Like yesterday we'll do it in reverse.

A few hundred metres of tarmac back towards the entrance of the Forest park gets us on the trail proper.

It's quite a misty morning down on the coast,so we wont get to see the Mull of Kintyre today.

A disused quarry hopper is investigated.

We're about a mile and a half into the walk following the upper reaches of the Inver river.

This will be as far south as we go.

I've no worries about those in front getting lost.Once they come to a junction they have to stop to make sure of the route.Only I know where we're going ha ha.

This waterfall isn't as spectacular as when it's in spate...

...but it's still perfect for photographs.

Now on the other side of the river we begin a gradual climb where at the highest point we'll be at 260 metres.Waterfoot at the bottom of the glen is still in a haze.

From here we're looking back towards the visitors centre,our start point.

We take a little time out here.We won't be having a lunch break since we're hoping to get back before the cafe closes.

After reaching the highest point we begin to descend,almost doubling back on ourselves by means of lots of steps taking us closer to the river.

We eventually reach the wider track alongside the Inver.We follow this for about a mile before stopping again for this photo opportunity.

Here at the Ess-Na-Crub Waterfall we'll take a coffee break.

It's quite spectacular when in full flow,but it's just as picturesque with a different aspect when the flow is lighter.

Look and listen.

I'm being self indulgent in todays post,there's more of me to come.
Where we are now is just next to Laragh Lodge.I can recommend it.
Laragh Lodge

Now we take the path which follows the Glenariff River upstream.

Of all the trails in the Forest Park,the waterfall trail is the most popular.

And the Ess-Na-Larach has the longest drop.

Is this what's known as a 'Pastiche',or is it just a jumble of pictures.

Here's one of Ess-Na-Larach I took earlier.(Quite some time earlier by the looks of these young ladies.The hut with the coloured windows isn't there anymore girls)

Scoop gets her picture taken.

We continue on up steep steps and past tumbling and swirling water,till finally we leave the river to head back to the visitors centre.

The cafe has stayed open and many of us sample the excellent fare on offer.My soup went down a treat.
Everyone enjoyed the walk.

It's still early as we return to the vehicles,so we'll take a run down to the village of Cushendun on our way home.I've family connections in the village,and it was nice to bump into my niece albeit fleetingly.Anyone visiting the area couldn't ask for nicer accomodation than her holiday apartments close by.
Mullarts Holiday Apartments

The village never changes much,although McBrides has long since ceased to be the smallest pub in Ireland.

The middle left picture above has changed somewhat though.The next picture shows how.
Nice to see a goat along here again.
2008 Visit

These lassies look a little older than they were at Ess-Na-Larach,I wonder were they old enough to visit the Bay Hotel behind them.

The group had a good wander around...

...and some had a look at the tunnels leading to Cave House.

Soon we're on our way again.
After a short stop in Ballycastle for more provisions,we're back at the hostel.
Everyone's going to the Fullerton tonight.

We've a guest for dinner tonight.At the last Newton Stewart Walking Festival,a couple of us met a walker from over here and she's kindly agreed to lead our walking tomorrow.She's involved with the Ballymena Walking for health group and we're delighted she's showing us new pastures.

We're all here.We'll have an enjoyable evening.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to end this post.These are the respective doors to the Ladies and Gents at the Fullerton.

They've certainly capped another enjoyable day.

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  1. Wow! looks like like a great long eventful day was had, keep up the great posts!


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