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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Creetowns Larg Hill October 2010

Regular readers will recognise the name Slewtrain or Slew as I commonly call him.
Well, Gordon (His real name) has become a blogger.He's new to the game so bear with him.Here's a link to his blog.

Gordon and Anne

It's Wednesday the 10th of November and the forecast is for today to be the only good day this week.
A small hill and good views will suffice,so I'm off to Creetown.
I've parked up at Kirkmabreck church behind a vehicle I recognise.They're recceing Saturdays walk.

There was a fair old frost last night.

I'm soon alongside Castle Cary woods and level with Larg farm (Above picture to the right)

Gaining a bit more height I can zoom in to get a picture of Wigtown.
Creetown is also known as Ferrytown.Less than five miles by boat,but thirteen miles by road.There's no ferry these days.

Another zoom up the estuary sees Newton Stewart.

A bit more height and I'm looking at the traffic along the A75.

Same view from a little higher.

And now it's opened up a little more.The top of Ailsa Craig can just be seen.

Larg Hill's only 276 Metres or 905 feet,but it's great on a sunny day for views.In the above picture with the lowlands of the Machars in the foreground,stands the Isle of Man.

To the north I can see Cairnsmore and the Minigaff Hills.
From the left I can see the two peaks of the bigger Larg Hill,then Lamachan,then a little peek at the snow covered Merrick.Next comes Curleywee and then Millfore,Red Gairy and Drigmorn.

To the south is Cambrett and Cairnharrow.

A zoom shows the snow on the Merrick beyond Curleywee and Lamachan.

I'm on the top and it's time for a cup o' tea while i look at the markings on the stones.
97's obviously recent,but I believe some of the others are fairly old.

I try out my ten second delay...there's no one else up here today.

I get a 180 degree panorama from the Clints of Dromore round to the Mull of Galloway.

Another zoom to Solway Structural.Apparently they use a lot of Scunthorpe steel.

Here's a similar panorama to one earlier,but i'm a peak to the west with this one.

It's time to descend.
A rabbit,a small bird (My twitcher pal Slew tells me it's a Great Tit) and a crow with a broken wing complete my pictures of the day.
Very enjoyable !

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