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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A dull abandoned quarry-or is it ?

It's Monday the 22nd of November.
There's a female Blackbird on my hedge to picture.
A bit of enhancement makes it stand out a bit more.I don't think there's any difference in enhancing a digital picture than when the traditionalists used filters and other accessories to change colours.

Anyway,I had occasion to go down to Bladnoch so I took my camera with me.
On the road round to Baldoon there's an abandoned quarry.I took the following pictures in it.

I've a feeling the big boulders across the entrance are to stop fly tippers.

Here's a tree that didn't quite make it to adulthood.

I can here the 'caw' of crows.

Evidence of a chain saw.

I've disturbed the crows.

I love their silhouettes against the clouds.

It looks like it's been a while since it was in production.

I'm not sure what the above is.

There's enough Ivy though.It's well spread.

Some sort of Sorrel maybe ?

A willow reaching for the sky.

Wet grass.

Reflections in a pool of water.

Hypnum Cupressiforme

Bryum Argenteum possibly ?

There's a lot of loose stone on the quarry face so I cant get too close.

I think above and below is Pignut ?

I think the pictures above and below are where the weighbridge was.There's a lot of rusting corrugated iron under the spreading ivy.Also the remnants of a well sprung mattress and electric cabling.

Well it looks like they've managed to stop fly tipping in the quarry...

...the same can't be said for the banks of the Bladnoch opposite.What a disgraceful mess (take a look at the full size image,there's cookers and washing machines here).The offenders, when and if discovered, should be given custodial sentences for this.

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  1. Excellent post Newton! Nice variety of photos, it really tells a story!


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