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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve on the Water of Minnoch

It's Christmas Eve,and I'm east of Clachaneasy.
My plan had been a walk in the wood of Cree,but after stopping to look over Minnoch Bridge I changed my plan,and decided to have a look under the bridge.
I must be getting a thing about ice,but it was beautiful.
I mooched around....carefully ! taking pictures and videos.
Below are the results.

Shuffling over the ice to get this next panorama was the most daring part of the day.

See these panoramas in full screen at Panogio
The Icy Water of Minnoch on Panogio

The Water of Minnoch on Panogio

The video I took could have been condensed using a video editor,but to preserve the quality I just uploaded them from the camera memory card.The seven clips are below
There's lots of sound and close ups.The changes in tone and pitch of the sound comes from my use of my zoom microphone.
I hope you enjoy.


  1. I think this computer has eaten a couple of mince pies too many yesterday and didn't even consider opening the bit, but it did do the pictures and videos well enough.
    Excellent pictures and perhaps taken in the nick of time as i think there might be a bit of a thaw on the way (it is only December mind)

  2. Thanks folks,and you're right Sandy It's Monday the 27th and it's all gone.At least it has here in Newton Stewart anyway.


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Morning deer
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