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Friday, 3 December 2010

Frosty views

It's Friday the 3rd of December and the scene today is different again from these views of yesterday.
As the snow eases in the east,here in the west we're now getting it and as I write it's snowing heavily.

Though the snow's been later coming we've still had the frost,and the pictures to go with it.

I'm heading up to the phone mast again.I've posted tons of pictures from here before,so I barely need to give details.
The above frosty picture is the scene opposite the entrance to Barbuchany.

I've disturbed a flock of pigeons.

A backdrop of Cairnsmore of Fleet to show off this Teasel. Encouraged on some nature reserves as a source of winter food for the Goldfinch,it's considered an invasive species in the United States. It is known to form a monoculture, capable of crowding out all native plant species, and therefore is discouraged and/or eliminated within restored open lands and other conservation areas.

A bit higher up there's a view of the Newton Stewart golf course.There's no yellow balls out today.I guess it's closed due to the frost.

Nearing the phone mast I take the first of a number of panoramic views I'll take today.Newton Stewart is known as the 'Gateway to the Galloway Hills',and this shot shows why.

Millfore,Red Gairy and Drigmorn are the backdrop here.The cattle seem to have found some grazing.

This panorama is below on CleVR
It stretches from the western end of Newton Stewart to the river Cree flowing south.Cairnsmore of Fleet and the Minnigaff group of the Galloway Hills can all be clearly seen.

Panorama of Newton Stewart and the Minnigaff Hills on

I took a similar panorama from slightly lower just over a year ago.I'm quite amazed at how different they look.2009 view

Making my usual descent I can seen the Cree estuary,and the hills above Creetown which I've posted recently.Above from the right are Larg (not to be confused with it's larger namesake in the Minnigaff range),Knockeans,Cairnharrow and Cambrett with the telecommunication masts atop.

Another panorama.This one's a frosty view of the Cree as it leaves Newton Stewart.
Nearly hidden in the trees is Machermore Castle Care Home.I've just learned that it's gone into voluntary liquidation.I hope it can be rescued,It's a lovely place.

A few quick shots of a heron flying overhead only produced one decent picture.

The A75 crosses a nearly frozen river Cree.

Seagulls take a break in the frozen shallows.

Our local authority provide excellent facilities along the popular walking areas in the town.These bins are made of heavy cast iron,and can stand up to the worst of the weather.

What they can't overcome are the morons who do this sort of thing.They may have muscles like 'Garth',but their brains are the size of peanuts (if that big).
I'd suggest that if the perpetrators of this crime are found they should be made to recover the bin while being lashed in front of a baying crowd.


  1. Really awesome pictures!
    I sure love the landscape around your parts of the planet.
    We are still in & out of the frosty cold weather, I guess it will be like this for awhile...

  2. Thanks Michael,on days like these all I have to do is point the camera.
    Our landscape is good on the eye,but not as spectacular as you have over in Banff


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Morning deer
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