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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Spectacle and Wee Glenamour Lochs

Updated Wednesday the 16th December

Monday the 14th of December.
I took a look at Spectacle Loch today.
What interested me more than anything else was the patterns created by the trapped bubbles in the ice.
So I took pictures.
See what you think ?

Spectacle Loch

Spectacle Loch

Next Day
Since the following pictures are the same theme I've extended the post.

Wee Glenamour
Glenamour is the home of the

The picture below can be optically challenging 

Again below,notice the difference between flash and  no flash 

Wee Glenamour


  1. Love the pictures of the frozen bubbles. I've never seen that before!

  2. Hi Scarletti,a fellow walker tried to explain it to me at the weekend,but most of it didn't register.It's to do with aquatic vegetation decomposing in the winter.
    If you want to make ice cubes with bubbles and clouds take a look at this website.

    It's fun

  3. What a lovely wee loch - by your pictures it looks like it's just and no more made it out of the pond category. I didn't know it existed.

  4. I've amended the title to read lochs instead of loch singular.
    Spectacle Loch is so named because it resembles a pair of spectacles.
    Wee Glenamour is really no more than a fishing pond,and is man made,but quite beautiful.

  5. Hi Dad, It looks really beautiful up there at the moment. I hope the next wave of snow doesnt affect you too much.

  6. Once again, the pics are awesome!

  7. I am totally befuddled as to why I didn't follow the link you offered way back then James to see this post. The images particularly for me Part 1, are really and truly stunning. I looked at them 3 times, the patterns are mesmerising.


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