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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A wee walk over by South Barnkirk

My first blog with a new editor and uploader.

Heading out into Doonhill Woods,my neighbours feeders are well patronized in this severe weather.
It's only in really bad weather that buzzards come into town.This youngster was soon shown the road by a pair of crows.He's obviously determined though,as I write this he's on the trees overlooking the Glebe.

I don't know what this wee bird is.

The frost's really taking hold now.I've read that the Caledonian Curling Club have great hopes of holding a big outside 'Bonspiel' on the Lake of Montieth this year.I've given up curling this year,but I'm sure I'll be back at some point.

The sun fairly highlights the colours.

A look into an icy Blairmount pond.

Mini icicles thaw in the midday sun.

No'one's out practising their golf swing today.

Views from South Barnkirk Hill.Prime cattle by the looks of them.

I disturbed a Heron crossing a wee burn.They leave quite a distinctive footprint (or should that be clawprint)

There are a lot of birds watching me today.

This one was making plenty of noise.

A Cairnsmore backdrop

The old railtrack at Low Knockbrex.
I know BRB stands for British Railways Board.
Don't ask me why,but there's a Microsoft Excel Worksheet  from Parliament listing 4571 bridges,viaducts,walls,tunnels,piers etc. available to download from the internet.
bridges etc. list

A bit of photographic fun with a drainage pipe.

I've come across this ram who's limping.There are about 200 sheep in the field.What can you do but sympathise !

I'm back home to more birds.They're really feeling the pinch in this deep freeze.I must get some wild birdseed.


  1. Nice bird & landscape photos Jim.
    Oh & I'm such a putz, I thought for the longest time your name was Newton Stewart! LOl I think I've clued in now whats going on! Pardon me... It is Jim right?

  2. It is Michael,but I was getting used to Newton,it's not a bad sounding name.
    I know over there in Alberta you're prepared for the snow and ice season as we usually are in Scotland (It's usually England that comes to a standstill),but the country's at gridlock just now.The blades have been breaking off the snowploughs.
    See here...

  3. I'm trying to think (you can probably hear it from there) but did they hold the Bonspiel last year - I'm thinking not, even though the ice was pretty thick. I did notice on the way to work that Carlingwark loch had a solid top (though quite how solid, I don't know)so up at the Lake of Mentieth they must be getting hopeful.

  4. Jim, I heard on the news about your winter storm, looks pretty nasty! Our piles of snow are melting now from our last frosty storm, we should be up to +5c today! Our city added millions of dollars for street snow removal this year, so far so good!

  5. Hi Sandy,there were a few small Bonspiels on the Lake of Mentieth last year,but the Grand Event of the Caledonian Club was banned by the Health and Safety Executive.They were of the opinion that the infrastructure wouldn't be able to cope with the expected thousands.

    I love the snow Michael,but the ice is just starting to become a bit of a nuisance.

  6. Jim I think the bird you ask about on the blog if anyone knows what it is I will go for female pied flycatcher do I get a sweetie for that?

  7. Thanks for that Gordon.As a prize I'll let you take me with you on your Caribbean Cruise.......please !

  8. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog whilst on a rambling! Thank you so much for identifying the heron prints. I am right down the other end of the island to you and we still have snow here in the south! I have been out walking today with only my wellie prints, fox tracks and the, now I know, heron prints for company!

    Fortunate stumble!

    btw beautiful photographs, must keep noseying!

  9. Stumble away Scarletti,it's always nice to have visitors.Foxes and herons are in abundance up here as well.
    Is that you on the front cover of Christine Feehans novel 'The Scarletti Curse'.Looks very much like your profile picture ?

    Our wee bitty snow has now vanished,and it's warmed up for the weekend.I've a feeling that tomorrows walk may be a little muddy.

  10. Oh another Scarletti? Didn't know that! must google it, back in a mo...

    Oh chance would be a fine thing!!

    Advantage of teeny tiny thumbnails, they don't show the full horror ;) nor my broken wrist, kind of distinguishing feature at the mo. (Thus the time to walk and play on t'internet the same day!)

    Not sure which'd be worse for my nerves in my present condition, sludging around in mud or slipping over in ice.

    Enjoy the weekend : )


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Morning deer
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