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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter Solstice 2010-Stroan Bridge to Loch Trool Recce

It's the 21st of December 2010.The winter solstice.
I'm heading to Stroan Bridge to recce a walk we may be doing on boxing day.

I'll stop on the way and take some pictures of the frozen river Cree.
Small snowy icicles grow like hair.

I only ventured a few yards.I just read of a man going through the ice.I wont take the chance.

On to Stroan Bridge
The Water of Minnoch is a winter wonderland.

Isn't ice beautiful

Now along the Water of Trool,it's just as wonderous

This adorable creature didn't hang around once he saw me

The prolonged cold spell is turning the countryside into a sparkling ice world

With a little imagination one can see an extra terrestrial crossing the river here

I'm just past Caldons car park here

Now my lunch stop on a frozen Loch Trool.There's lots heavy creaking noises coming from under the ice.I get myself a ten second self portrait

At the moment as well as uploading panoramas to CLeVR,I'm also uploading them to a new panorama website with a full screen option.

It's called Panogio,see what you think of the above  at Loch Trool at Panogio 

What a lovely day

Another white haired skinhead

Having gone through the far woods,I think it's the' yellow' trail I'm going back on.A little climb.

More colourful and strangely shaped ice at the Spout Head waterfall

This looks like a circus troupe on parade

I originally thought this was a Lancaster bomber,but the tail isn't right.Now I think it's a Stirling ?
My thanks to Newt from the Derby area for finally putting me right.
It's a Lockheed C-130

It's quiet back at Stroan Bridge

I'll finish off with a little video of the ice on the Water of Minnoch


  1. Thank you Maria,I couldn't quite capture the glistening on the trees.Our walking group will be doing this walk on Boxing Day.Lets hope the scenery is just as magical.

  2. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, you certainly have a beautiful one from your photos, I agree with Maria, looks like you'll enjoy an awesome walk.

    I think your alien reminds me of the character Raggety from an old Rupert Bear book I had as a child.

  3. What fantastic photos, especially the dear behind frosted grass.Hope you have a lovely Christmas, sorry we're not going to meet up this festive season, I'll talk to you tomorrow. And once this wierd weather clears up one or other of us will travel that road north or south.
    p.s. do me a favour - stop standing on frozen water!

  4. You Take some great pictures Jim.I may have to come down there and nick your camera:0)
    The one with the ice creature was a real find.Keep up the good work. bob.

  5. I might have the camera Bob,but never the views you and Alex get.I'm looking forward to your 2011 adventures.


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Morning deer
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