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Monday, 31 January 2011

Pictures from the last four years.

Just click on the above picture to be taken to Picasa Web Albums. 

To all blog readers

I've been asked by a few ramblers if they can access blog photographs without having to trawl through the blog searching.

I'm hoping that this link will work to allow you to view all or any of the pictures from the blog since it's inception.All albums should be dated.
There are some albums missing,but it's a Google problem and they're working to restore them. 

If it works,happy viewing.

N.B Due to me not knowing what I was doing,I've ended up with 5 albums with only one picture in each.It's too much work moving the pictures updating each blog and deleting these albums,so no worries.


  1. You,ve covered most of the animal kingdom there Jim.Also like your compression shots.Never knew Southern Scotland had such jaggy peaks:o). bob.

  2. Cheers Bob,I haven't compressed any pictures for a while.I'll get some more up the next rainy day.
    No! not tomorrow.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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