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Monday, 17 January 2011

Wigtown Bay from Kirkmabreck Quarry Quay

Monday the 17th of January
While over at Creetown today I took a walk along the disused jetty and quay below Kirkmabreck quarry.
Here's a few of the pictures I took.

Is this a long billed curlew ?

It looks like I didn't quite get my panorama to join up.
It's also full screen on Panogio here. Wigtown Bay

Wigtown looks a stone's throw away.It's 13 miles by road from here.

Here's some teasel.

Nearly the same view without the teasel.There's talk of re-opening this jetty.It'll need a lot of repair first.

This is one beautiful optical illusion from the ground,not so much from the photo.
The burn flowing through the muddy channels appears to be flowing to a point under the river.If that's the case the river must also be going down the same hole.I can see when I zoom in now that I'm looking at another mud bank.

Still it's weird looking.

Here's a different view of  Kirkmabreck Quarry.....

It's from this next picture which I cropped and rotated.
It was a good light for pictures today,and an enjoyable little walk.


  1. Cant beat a good reflection shot.
    It looks a nice area and one I,ve not been to yet.bob.

  2. Jim, I enjoyed your walk through the Wigtown Bay! Great pictures.
    Pretty neat stuff with your panoramic views, your ahead of me in technology! Oh, I don't have any pictures of Swan hills or Fort
    Assiniboine, You might want to try a Flickr group maybe...


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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