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Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Benidorm Rovers at Auchenlarie 2011

On the 5th of February 2011 I was at the Starlight Suite at Auchenlarie Holiday Park Auchenlarie for a concert in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Support.

The music,a mix of Irish,Country and Pop was provided by the group "The Benidorm Rovers",on tour from the Spanish Costas.

The hall was packed,the drink flowed and the music had to be loud.

Unfortunately,due to the lay out and the large crowd,I could only record close to the stage.This has resulted in below par audio recording.
Generally speaking I wouldn't normally upload poor quality,but having told a number of concert goers I'd be uploading my clips,I've put them on Youtube.
Looking at some of the other footage of the Benidorm Rovers on Youtube,I don't feel so bad in uploading them.

Rather than put the videos on my blog I've settled on just putting the video links here.

To click or not ? I leave the choice to you blog readers.
(Clicking on the links will open the video in a new tab)

Galway Girl

Rare Ould Mountain Dew

The Fields of Athenry

Dirty Old Town


Folsom Prison Blues

Duelling Banjos

An Irish Instrumental

Irish Rover

Seven Drunken Nights

The Focal Song-Aon Focal Eile

The Hills of Donegal

Whisky in the Jar



  1. That's a good going bunch of standard Scots/Irish folk tunes old and new - there was 2 I didn't recognise but one turned out just to be the title.

    It's a fair old drop from that stage - I was planted firmly in a seat when I had a go at it.

  2. Thanks Sandy,it's a pity there was no place for me to set up my tripod and film from further back,(I had my spare camcorder as well)but it was impossible.

    I'd have done ok with it on a pole at the back and with it left running.

    The Dangleberries had the right idea,they played outside.


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