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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ray at the Riverside - The Stories we could tell-Mabel Joy-Tequila Sunrise-The Gambler

More from Ray at the Riverside Centre in Newton Stewart on the afternoon of Friday the 21st of January.

In these two clips he covers John Sebastians "The Stories We Can Tell" recorded by amongst others Jimmy Buffet, Tom Petty and by The Everly Brothers.
"San Francisco Mabel Joy",another of Waylon Jennings.
The Eagles "Tequila Sunrise",and Kenny Rodgers "The Gambler"

He's uploaded one from his own video camera "Amanda" on his original Youtube channel,which can be found here.Amanda


  1. San Francisco Mabel Joy was written by one of my all time favourite singer/songwriters...Mickey Newbury.
    Ray has excellent musical taste..!!

  2. Cheers Alex,I'll tell him when I see him on Monday...unless he reads this in the meantime.


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