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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lambs at Play---Vivaldi---Danza Pastorale ~ Allegro

It's March and Spring is in the air.A group of lambs gambol,frolic and play.

Filmed on the 7th of March 2011 just below Smithy Hill near Shennanton,Kirkcowan in Wigtownshire,South West Scotland.

Musici di San Marco.
Die Vier Jahreszeiten (The Four Seasons) Vivaldi-Danza Pastorale ~ Allegro
Director/Conducter :Alberto Lizzio

The accompanying music is copyrighted by the artists and composers and is here for the enhancement of the images shown.


  1. I see sweaters and socks and hat and gloves and a whole jumble of attire!

  2. Wow Jim, I don't think I've ever seen lambs that active before, spring must be in the air!
    Nice video, does your camera do both video & photography?

  3. Hello Scarletti,you could have a field day with your needles up here.Breeds include Casttlemilk Moorit,Scottish Blackface,Hebridean,Boreray,Soay and Shetland,not forgetting the big boy Texels.

    Michael,I took this video with a camcorder,but my Canon Powershot takes excellent video as well.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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