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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A young bird

I was doing a bit of a walk recce down the Machars today.I'd been told to keep an eye out for a certain bird.
Now I wished I had a big zoom lens.The white under the wings means it's a young bird,but the species is in no doubt.
After the bird landed he just sat on the rocks without a care in the world.I couldn't get any closer.
In sequence as he  flew over me. Apologies for the hazy pictures.

The following picture was the clearest.


  1. Thank you Maria, they'd have been better if I'd had a good zoom lens.
    This eagle chick is either one or two years old.They don't develop full plumage until they're about six years old.The RSPB have radio tagged this one,you can just see something like a hair sticking out from the back of his kneck.

  2. Well spotted Jim..! Hope he/she hangs around for a wee while yet..

  3. My inclination these days is to assume anything big and eagley in the sky is a buzzard but this looks a bit more eagle like to me - does that make sense. Perhaps you'll continue to catch pictures of it as it gets older and we'll find out.

  4. A quick surf suggests it might be a young gloden eagle - is that likely your way?

  5. Hi Sandy,yes it's a young Golden Eagle.I had prior knowledge of it before I came upon it.

  6. So much grace and beauty.
    The summer birds have not come home here yet and I wait for them.
    Have a nice day


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Morning deer
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