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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pictures from Paisley Abbey

Over the last weekend of  April and into May 2011, I was in Paisley for the UK Convention of The Sons of the Desert Society.(I'm a member of 'Their Purple Moment' Tent).
Sons of the Desert
This convention was hosted by the Bonnie Scotland tent

Besides all the fun associated with Stan and Ollie, part of the weekend programme was a walking tour of Paisley and the Abbey.
The weather was absolutely brilliant and I took many pictures.
I thought I'd share them with my readers.

For the history and other information click on this link. Paisley Abbey
It's a magnificent building,and I loved zooming in to the fascinating figures and gargoyles on the outside.

"Pictures from Paisley" will follow this post.


  1. Having now seen your latest blog I know where you were. I have never even been inside Paisley Abbey that could be one for a winters day out with one of my walking groups.

  2. wonderful collection of peaks into your world. Thank you.


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Morning deer
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