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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pictures of Paisley

Over the last weekend of April and into May 2011, I was in Paisley for the UK Convention of The Sons of the Desert Society.(I'm a member of 'Their Purple Moment' Tent).
Sons of the Desert
This convention was hosted by the Bonnie Scotland tent
Bonnie Scotland Blog

Besides all the fun associated with Stan and Ollie, part of the weekend programme was a walking tour of Paisley and the Abbey.
(Guess who won the top raffle prize of a bottle of Ardbeg ?)
The weather was absolutely brilliant and I took many pictures.
I thought I'd share them with my readers.

It's a shame about these last two buildings

Paisley's had more than it's share of ill fortune down the years.
Go to 
and click on the various items.
The most poignant is of course the Glen Cinema Disaster 


  1. Great photos!!
    Absolutely fantastic and inspiring!!

  2. wonderful to see your time there through your lens.

  3. Stan Laurel lived for a while around the corner from my old house in Glasgow many years ago.Think his mother may be buried in Cathcart cemetery if my memory serves me right.

  4. Thank's folks,your comments are appreciated.

    Stans mum,Madge Jefferson is indeed in Cathcart Cemetery Alex.I haven't been yet.
    I have paid a couple of visits to the Panoptican where he performed though.

    Definitely worth a visit.I'll have to get up again soon.

  5. It looks like Paisley has an abundance of wonderful old architecture... & no shortage of pigeons too!!! Great photos thanks for sharing!

  6. I know Paisley fairly well as it was the closest large shopping area to where we lived growing up.Due to out of town shopping(Braehead etc)like most other towns the high street shops are really struggling these days.Great photos.Glad you got to see it in the spring sunshine Jim.Paisley has a lot of variety in a small area.Always wanted to explore the underground river running under the central district as a kid.

  7. I have to admit that I'm really not a fan of Paisley, but it does have some grand old buildings and by far and away my favorite war memorial statue.

  8. It's kinda sad Michael,that there's nearly more pigeons in Paisley than people.
    Trouble is with all the edge of town hypermarkets and retail complexes,town centres can't compete as Bob rightly says.

    I agree Sandy,the war memorial is a magnificent sculpture.

  9. superb and thanks for the link back to I will post your link up for everyone to see.. all the very best

  10. Cheers Brian,it was a pleasure to visit Scotlands biggest and brightest town.


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