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Friday, 20 May 2011

Road Trip in the Machars

Join me for a road trip.

This trip was from Glasserton Church Car Park to Newton Stewart,but the camcorder shifted in the back window,hence it being shortened to Sorbie.

I'll be using Audio swap to get some suitable background music.
Below are the music details.

It Was Tomorrow
artist: The Hacker
album: Art et Industries
length: 10:48
label: Different
genre: Dance & Electronic


  1. Hi Jim.
    Would never have thought of putting
    a camcorder in the back window.Nice quiet roads down there.
    And I like the music!
    Mind you if I tried that in the city centre nightclub district of an evening here I,d get arrested. {:0)

  2. Cheers Bob,I've tried this before and if it's a scenic drive you'll sometimes get good results.
    I didn't have it anchored enough though.
    I had some good music on in the car's cd player but the camera didn't pick it up that well.That's why I went to Audio Swap on YouTube.This seemed the most suited piece to go with the film.There's a lot of good music on Audio Swap,but there's just as much of what I wouldn't call music.


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