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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Salmagundi of Several Snapping Sessions

....or put simply,a few pictures from various outings over the last couple of weeks.


  1. Awesome photos Jim, I like the close ups! Thanks for your recent visit, glad I could inspire you with my post about adding flash light! I'm just an amateur experamenting myself...

  2. looks like you are already having fun with your macro. I have a childs garden knee pad, i carry that with me and it makes it so inviting to kneel to take photos of little things on the ground... Fun to see your world, our rabbits look different.

  3. Thanks Michael and Tammie,the last pictures in the post are of wild flowers and cones brought down by the wind.
    I tried a few lights in different positions,but discarded them.My back window came out the best.
    What a great idea Tammie,I've some bubble wrap I can fold up when I go out taking pictures.

  4. Lovely photos. So much sky and colour and air and wildlife!

    Salmagundi - I love the feel of that word as it rolls off the tongue. Am teased mercilessly at work for having very few 'folders' on my laptop but endless documents. Think I shall now have one large folder labelled 'Salmagundi'. Thanks for the word!

  5. Hi Scarletti,I worked with a guy about forty years ago who's favourite phrase included the word Salmagundi.
    I'd completely forgotten it until I looked for an alternative to Hotchpotch,then the years rolled back.
    It was also the first time I learned of the 18th century word

  6. Some nice pictures Jim.The hare one is a cracker.Ahem,I dont remember seeing any sprouting growths in the trees here like the one on pic 17.
    Must have been blown there by the wind:)

  7. Thanks Bob,I've snapped that same hare before it's almost tame.

    You've spotted my little bit of cameraman license,I must own up.
    It was lying in the pond,and rather than trying to photograph it in situ and probably fall in in the process I lifted it out.

    I'll occasionally enhance pictures,but they're usually as the camera gets them.Not like some of these on this page.

  8. The word "Salmagundi" is wonderful I have never heard it before but I now know it means a mixture of things in this case photos.These wee gems keep us all interested in your wonderful BLOG.

  9. Cheers Gordon or Slew,
    It's always a pleasure.

    It's a pity the weather wasn't kinder to you on Arran.I like the way you insinuated (usually the second definition)yourself in with the Kilmarnock group.You're such a charmer these days.
    Love the waterfalls.

  10. Ravishing! Absolutely fantastic!


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Morning deer
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