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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Newton Stewart in Bloom -- Wild and Cultivated -- Public and Private

On Thursday the 14 and Friday the 15th of July.My car was in the garage in Minnigaff for an MOT and service.Walking there and back the colour struck me so much I took a lot of pictures.Here's a selection.

The Bunting was up for Pageant Week.


  1. Lovely pictures, so colourful!

  2. Wow! Wonderful photos!

  3. What I meant to put was
    Beautiful x

  4. Sometimes its great to walk a route usually driven and see it from a different point of view, I love this post, so much colour. Maybe see you over the weekend at the trail.

  5. Thanks for your comments folks.

    I've deleted your first comment Jayne.I wasn't sure if you were up to mischief,but came to the conclusion you'd had a dyslexic moment.It happens to me all the tmie.

    Hoping to get to Kirkcudbright on Friday Ruthie.

  6. I agree with all the other comments about the colours etc. it pays to have a quality camera. One day when I am older I hope to own one similar to yours.

  7. Thank you for this
    We visit every year and looking at the colour in your pictures brings back lovely memories Anjie

  8. Thanks Anjie,the good weather makes a difference.I hope you keep coming back to our little bit of Scotland.

    Hi Gordon,when I enlarge your pictures,they seem pretty good.In bright light and sunshine,even the cheapest Tesco camera will do the job.It's all in the application of the shot and the subject.

  9. Jim, wow! the colors are popping!
    Nice photos, reminds me I should get out & snap a few pics, I've just been workin myself silly!

  10. Jim, it was great to properly meet you today, hope you enjoyed the rest of the trail, I can't believe how busy it was. Shall look forward to the post about tomorrows walk.
    ps hope this comment posts this time, having great troubles with blogger!

  11. Thanks Michael.Popping's good for me.

    Lovely to meet both you and Sandy today Ruthie.I'd intended to call back later,but spent too long at the museum.That though,gives me a reason to call in at the Redden Gallery again some time.
    All the best for the rest of the Arts and Crafts weekend.

  12. UTAH- REMY- ROVE..that's some
    I'd forget about that ,too.
    BLACK HORSE...that's really pushing it.
    Because BLACK PLANET nailed BLACK HEARTS and HORSA took a powder!
    And that means RICK'S TINY PONY, too.
    I'll say.
    And RUTHIE..I 'd really " SHATTUP" if I were you...
    POPPINGS not good for anybody...especially ...
    HOPON ith HY- DICA went outta style with HYTOCOC.
    You know me.


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Morning deer
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