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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mushroom and Mine

Tuesday the 14th of September.
It looks like summer's returned here in South West Scotland.
I'm away to try and find the Silver Rig Mine. I'd failed to find it on my first attempt.
I'm away into the forest .
I've parked up north of the Wood of Cree.

It wasn't a silver mine as I mentioned in 2009.That's just the name.

Shaggy Inkcap

I've made the same mistake as I did in 2009 and took a wrong turn.
But I get pictures of some interesting fungi.

I'm not sure what this is,but it may be Lactarius pyrogalus

Hoof Fungus

Lagbaes or Ballocharus Burn
I must be on the right track now

This looks promising.

Looks like a hole of some sorts

If the wooden pole wasn't wet and slippy I'd have been down and exploring.

This is as close as I could get to the horizontal passage

Looks like a rope anchor.
There's comprehensive details on a  P.D.F file

Water Wheel Housing and Rubble Tip.
The main shaft was behind the wheel housing but has been filled in.

Mine Offices

Ballocharus Burn again....

....and again and the sparkling Cree at Low Cordorcan.

Well I eventually found the mine.By the state of the 'paths',there's not a lot of people explore around here.It's no wonder I got lost.
It was apparently a lead mine and was abandoned for the second time in 1836.My next trip up here will be to take a look at the Silver Rig Loch which apparently was a man made reservoir and where the supply to drive the water wheel came from.

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  1. Funny to think that these old mines must have been a hive of activity for years. I saw something similar in Wales last year.
    Good mushroom pictures Too


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