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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Robin's Song,Sooricks,Sheep,Fishermen and Waterfalls

Wednesday the 28th of September
Some stuff from this week so far.

We'll start with this lovely robin.

It's a pity I didn't have my zoom microphone with me.

As kids we'd often eat these.Wild Sorrel.
We always called  them Sooricks.The Scots language has them as Sourocks

I'm up at Barrhill Farm Woods Telephone mast again.
You can see the roof of my house above.

Even on a dull day the meandering River Cree looks beautiful.

This panorama is also full screen on Panogio here.

I'm not sure about this sheep with the small horns.
Could it be a Hebridean/Jacob cross.
Maybe 'The Weaver' will provide me with the answer.

I was intrigued by this sign on the riverside walking and cycling path.
Is it intended for drunks maybe ?

The last couple of weeks have been a hive of activity on the river with fishermen.
I haven't yet managed to be there when anything's been caught.

Water of Minnoch.
Talking of fish, I was up at Stroan Bridge to look at the waterfalls where I'm hoping to see salmon leaping next month.

I'll finish with this video clip
I live in beautiful surroundings.


  1. Looks a good scenic area for walking around Jim.
    Some of the Salmon being caught this year are massive due to conditions as they,ve been feeding longer out at sea.

  2. you sure live in a beautiful area. Fun to picture your house in that one photo!

  3. Thanks Bob and Tammie,I love this part of the world.
    When I decided to return to Scotland it was a choice between Fife,the county of my childhood or here in Galloway.I made the right choice.

    I'm led to believe that the salmon run for spawning would be late October or November around here Bob.Hopefully I'll get some pictures.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
is someone watching me