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Monday, 5 December 2011

First Snow and Kippy and Co

Monday the 5th of December.
An enjoyable but sober Ramblers Christmas party yesterday.( I was driving the minibus)
My photo quiz was  enjoyed by all ,some of the answers were very very entertaining !

Anyhow the forecast was for snow overnight and it duly came.
This was the view out my back window.

Plenty birds around the feeders.

It snowed on and off all morning so fresh footprints were often visible.
OK,the snow isn't deep,but I'm not sure about this young lady's footwear.

The traffic is moving at variable speeds.
Some drivers are ultra careful while others are just nut cases.

A hedge top looks photogenic so I snap it.

Apparently here at Dashwood Square earlier in the day,the traffic was at a standstill.

The chip shop seems busy.

I saw these gnomes in a garden,but I didn't like the background.Hence the enhancement.

Now a couple of 'Macro' shots.
When I lived in England, I had holly growing in my garden and I used to cut sprigs and leave them boxed outside at Christmas for anyone to take away.I certainly don't need to here in Galloway,there's an abundance of the seasonal leaf.

I love this picture, but isn't it an amazingly colourful view for December.

Friday afternoon was the official Christmas Lights switch on in Newton Stewart.Part of the entertainment was provided by a band who go by the name of
Kippy and Co
They can be found on Facebook here.
Kippy-and-co on Facebook

I took some video but my zoom microphone was playing up, however this performance of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You came out ok.

I believe her name is Lindsey.She's got a great voice. 


  1. Jim hello, looks like our snow is arriving at the same time, but I think we are winning the race for storms this early winter... Kippy & Co seem to have their show well practiced, they sound good.

  2. Some nice photos Jim.
    Some people like the snow.I suppose it kills the bugs off.
    I could happily live without it though.Having said that I,m just back from the frozen north east.
    Roll on spring!

  3. We've even had a wee droppy snow here in Kirkcudbright (we can go winters without the stuff) which suggests quite a lot inland.

  4. Michael,I've no doubt you'll beat us on the snow front.Up in Swan Hills I was green with envy at the stories of snowmobiles and hot tubs.Both are few and far between in Scotland.

    Cheers Bob or Alex,I quite like the frost,it beats the dreich.

    Have you done travelling for this year Sandy ? Hope you don't get snowed in if not.


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Morning deer
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