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Friday, 16 December 2011

Overnight Snow 16th December 2011

I was up early this morning.
I'd seen the snow coming down last night and I had a feeling we'd have a good downfall.
I was right in my assumption, we had 4 inches (10 cm) plus.
I thought I'd maybe get some good pictures before daybreak.
Here they are.

First view out of my back door

Along the Glebe

Down Princes Street

Old Station View

Postal Depot

A snowy bush

St Couan's and Old Station View

Georgewell Drive

Old Station View

Marie Curie Field

Snowplough on Barnkirk Road

Here's a clip of the snowplough and some traffic...
....entering the A75

An unaccountable eerie effect
Enjoy !

Updated the 19th of December
After breakfast I went out and took lots more pictures, a very small video clip and composed a panorama.
Here they are.
I thought I'd climb up to the telephone mast at the top of  Barrhill Farm Woods.
Some youngsters were enjoying a bit of downhill.Their sleds were a bit makeshift.
Here's a short clip.

Cheerio boys,enjoy the fun.

It seems we got more snow than most other places since we made the national news.

Gaining height I can look back at my housing estate.
I can see my roof so I give a wave to Munchie and the Kid.(Honest !)

Nearly at the mast

Looking South

Newton Stewart below

I suppose the sheep can graze through the snow ?

Machermore Castle Care Home

Zooming in on Newton Stewart

A wee bird

Riverside views

A panorama of a snowy river Cree

                                     Panorama of Snowfall in Scotland on
                            This is also fullscreen on Panoramia at 
                            Snow in Scotland


  1. That was a good fall of snow you had,caught very well on your camera.Obviously not a day for climbing the Merrick.PS I might have gone up cause I am a daftie.

  2. Some nice low light shots Jim...
    but the winner has to go to the teenage girl I,ve just seen captured in today(Saterday,s) record walking through the snow to the shops in your fair town dressed in shorts,trainers and not much else.Its a cracker!
    Style before frostbite.

  3. Jim, I think you folks are trying to keep up with us & the snow! Thats a fair bit you got there.
    Although we keep getting warm temps after a snow & a lot melts.
    I may have mentioned before that soon enough we will have the deep freeze that will stick around a few months or so.. (or less)

  4. Cheers Gordon,I'm surprised you didn't.I've been up to the dyke on Benyellery in the snow,Tough going.

    Hi Bob, it's not often Newton Stewart is the centre of the universe,but we got lots of coverage that day in the media.I keep trying to get up for some sunrise pictures,but I've got such a comfortable bed.

    We used to have winters like that Michael.Further north in the highlands they'll still generally get a long spell of frost.It's rarer further south,mind you if last year is repeated we too will get our share of the big freeze up.Seasons greetings to all my Canadian readers.

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