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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Early morning in Galloway

I was up nice and early on the last Monday in January 2012. I decided I'd go out and try and film a sunrise. As it happened I was very disappointed with the results of my video, and the pictures weren't as I'd hoped. The sunrise wasn't as good as I'd hoped and I probably picked the wrong location. Over the course of the next two hours though, I did however get some pictures I thought worthy of posting so here they are.

Above the A75 on the railway walk between Cuil and Creetown was my destination.
My first pictures are of cackling crows a low flying heron and the lights of Carsewalloch 


Reaching Blairs I waited for the sun to come up.
Occasionally the A75 would have a small queue of traffic

I kept taking pictures of the traffic while my video camera was busy taking nothing.
Soon though I was getting a red glow from the rising sun

There's quite a few remnants of vapour trials and an interesting weathercock to the east

The A75 gets a little busier

I wonder if the Wigtownshire Transport Community bus is the one I've booked for July ?

Now the sun is high enough over Wigtown Bay to get a bit of colour

As I'm heading back to the car this deer spots me

Lucky for me  he/she decides to pose along with this crow

This is another Picasa effect known as Focal Zoom

I think I might have disturbed a courting ritual here, the female had just flown off

The sun's now reaching most of the Cree estuary and here I get this picture of Muirfad and behind the Rowan Glen Dairy Products Factory

Here's my second heron of the day 

Cuil Farmhouse and the still snowcapped Cairnsmore of Fleet

A closer look at the misty slopes of Cairnsmore

Back at Cairnsmore Lodge there are a few birds about

A couple of crows keep a watchful eye open

A big old tree completes my morning, I'm back home by 10am

I'm still hoping for another early morning, I think the Isle of Whithorn might be a good sunrise
Maybe tomorrow


  1. You go to the most amazing places... I fantasize about a vacation to your homeland!

  2. I reckon we'll have to swap fantasies Lisa, thanks for visiting X

  3. Two Means of capturing the landscape now Jim.That,s cheating! :)


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Morning deer

Morning deer
is someone watching me