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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Flixborough, the first of June 1974 - For the record - Part 2 - Nypress - A Memoriam

This post contains images and text from a number of different sources.All images have been scanned by me  from old publications and cuttings.The copyright of these belong to the respective publications and their owners and is presented for recording my recollections of a day in my life.
Should anyone object to any of these images or any part of this post please contact me and if necessary I will remove the offending image or paragraph.

I'm really surprised that this may well be the only link to what was the magazine of Nypro Uk.
Nypress now is New York's alternative newspaper. Interviews, opinion, arts, listings, entertainment, mail, restaurants, music, bands, books, film, calendar of events.

Anyway, I believe this was the last edition of the company's magazine and I've scanned it page by page.
In the early years after the disaster the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph would have quite a number of Memoriam on the anniversary. These became fewer and fewer as the years went on, people moving on I assume. Stan Grundy's family continued for years with the Memoriams, but that too ceased eventually.
I hope my publication of this booklet will stand as a Memoriam to all those who lost their lives that day.
And to their families I hope the pain eased with time.

No more from me now, read on.


Here's a poetic tribute I've written for the 40th anniversary.

we went to work and said hello,
recorded data high and low,
did litmus tests and cleaned out sumps,
turned on the ethanol transfer pumps,

as C.P.O's we did our tasks and when required
wore safety masks
on our breaks we talked a lot
of football, films and vodka shots

a routine day was going well
then came the catalyst straight from hell
this was no genie with wishes three
this was Satan on a killing spree

a day to remember for ever more
was the first day of June in 74
it took no more than the bllnk of an eye
for twenty eight souls to fade and die

the carnage was cleared, goodbyes were said
we grieved and mourned and buried the dead
it's forty years later, a time to reflect
when we the survivors should show our respect.


  1. Oh Jim,
    Your poem! says it all so poetically.
    You should be proud of this beautifully written tribute.

    1. Thank you Rose, much appreciated on this day of remembrance.


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