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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rocks of Garheugh March 2012

Mid March 2012 saw me revisit the Rocks of Garheugh on Luce Bay.

July 2011 Post

Many of the pictures are similar to those I took then, but I discovered more caves.
There's also a short video clip of Phalacrocorax aristotelis or the Shag to most people.

No more words from me, If you've any questions you'll have to ask.

I enjoyed my exploration., I hope my visitors will enjoy the results.


  1. wonderful series of photographs

    i enjoyed the rocks and water, something about round rocks that is enticing

    caves too, they beg to be walked into

    it was discomforting to see the trash, though it has it's interest it does not belong there

    thank you for sharing your journey

  2. I love the angry skies of the first image.

    The movement in the image after the video.

    Stunning shots!

  3. It's a rough old coastline round here. All these caves might be peaceful and quiet now but I wonder what dodgy stuff went on there in the past.

  4. Thanks Tammie, glad you enjoyed. I agree about the trash, but sadly it's a fact of life here in the West of Scotland. There are regular beach cleans on the most popular stretches but I get to the more remote and barely accessible areas. It's good to see that the International Coastal Cleanup in September gets bigger every year. Mind you so does the trash !

    I too love the swirl of the tide Gillian. It's an all powerful inevitability and as the old saying goes "Time and Tide wait for no man"

    There's one small cave Sandy that has boulders piled to one side. I moved a few thinking there might be hidden treasure, but on reflection I think they're there to stop the road above collapsing to the shore. You'll be right about the dodgy stuff in the past, along your way there's lot's of documented material about the caves and the smugglers in the Stewartry. Maybe I'll unearth a pirates chest sometime.

  5. What a lovely set of pictures, Jim. I enjoyed them.

  6. thanks for visiting Maria. I hope you got as much enjoyment from the pictures as I had taking them

  7. Ah, good to be back, albeit weary from my trip to 'Caught up in the Daily Toil'.

    Your photos are balm. : )

  8. As always Jim, a total feast for the eyes! Just wonderful.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments lovely ladies from 'Down South' and 'Down Under'


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