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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Swans - Blairmount Babies - June 2012

Wednesday the 20th of June 2012
My new Canon Powershot SX40 HS

First Photos
I'm taking a short walk over to Blairmount Pond to see the Swans and Cygnets my neighbour's told me about. I'm kitted up with the new camera.
The swans were over by the island in the middle when I got there, but on my arrival they decided they'd come over and say hello.
Here's the pictures in sequence. I decide to begin on my auto setting. Apart from cropping a couple, these are as they came out of the camera.
For the last picture, I switched over to 'Fish Eye' effect.

The cygnets were initially shy, but once they realized I wasn't a threat, they became more daring. 

Looks to be a good camera.
I'm happy with the outcome.


  1. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous wee ducklings. Happy Thursday!

  2. What brilliant photos Jim, wish I could have come with you and took some too. All the best for tomorrow x

  3. You must have big ducks in Jo'burg Gillian.

    Thanks Jayne, I'm gritting my teeth ha ha

  4. Ah Jim, the progression of photos just got better and better and better. The Canon is worth every cent! The way you captured the cygnets is sensational, just adorable (the cygnets not you, you Scottish devil!)
    Can't wait for your next walk to see what you capture! ;)

  5. Cheers Bob, that's a great word isn't it....fluffy.

  6. These are cracking swan pictures. Definately worth taking pictures of for more than just camera testing.
    Ma and Pa seem quite relaxed consodering the attention they're getting - or are you zoomed in from half a mile away. Not an animal to be messed with!

  7. I got within about five feet Sandy. A hiss and a flap of wings was sufficient to keep me back.


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