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Saturday, 23 June 2012

A wet Saturday in June

No walk for me today, I'm recuperating after the removal of four teeth.
I did get down to the shops though, and equipped with my new camera took some pictures and video.The river was coming over in the usual places after the overnight rain.We haven't had it as bad as some other towns though.
It's amazing how many cameras are produced from pockets and handbags when something out of the ordinary happens.

The Riverside Carpark Newton Stewart (It's been worse)

The Sparling Bridge

King George V Suspension Bridge

One totally confused bird

Not quite the Canadian Flag, but a leafy likeness.


South from the bridge over the A75

To cap the day off, this is my neighbour's feeder. I never noticed the background as I took it, but I'm dead chuffed with the result. 
Be glad when I get my new teeth.


  1. You are a braver man than me Jim.If I got four teeth out I,d be in the house with painkillers.I hate dentists.
    I,ve had root canal treatment six times now over the years.
    Nice pictures.

  2. The new camera really is a beauty Jim - wonderful photos, and ouch! 4 teeth huh? (that was some rain you had!)

  3. Great photos!
    A lot of water in your part of the world!

    Have a nice week!

  4. Now I can see your world is not so far from mine, !! :)

  5. Wonderful picture of the chaffinch on the feeder

  6. I've read about your rains over there in the newspaper. Hope it soon gets better.

    Lovely photos with your camera, these and also the swan pictures below! I've been thinking about a new camera for a long time already - nothing really wrong with my current pocket camera, but it starts to be a little old fashioned already (it is several years old). You could get a better zoom and many other cool features even in a pocket camera today. There used to be a time when you bought a camera and that was it, but nowadays you should update your camera every few years...

  7. Lovely pics Jim, you've got a great camera there! I have taken millions of bird photos in hope of gettig something good and you go and do it with your first shot ! Hope you're feeling OK xx

  8. Bob........I'm still on the painkillers. I'm just finding distractions to stop me going mad.

    Rose......... thanks, It's dried up quite a bit now. I'm on gruel and soup for a while now.

    Min fotogen.........from Sweden, welcome to my pages. What is your name ? the translation I get for Min fotogen is My Kerosene !

    Gordon..........thanks, praise from a twitcher is indeed a honour.'s a great camera.It's the same camera that Jayne who's left a comment has. I guess that helped in my selection.
    I'm just uploading a video of the swans and cygnets I took today with it. The HD quality makes my video camera redundant. i said on the post, I didn't realize I'd got such a good picture of the chaffinch until I put it on the computer. Anyway when I spoke to your dad he told me of the fantastic pictures you've taken with your SX40 HS

  9. Jings! has it been raining. Hope it's stopped by next week when I get back!!

    I'm trying to gloss over the teeth bit - I'm due a visit myself :(


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Morning deer
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